paying squarespace



Have your Log in Details ready. Your username is the email address linked to the Website. Go to the Squarespace Website and login, you can only access this on a computer, not a mobile device. We recommend viewing on either Safari, Firefox or Chrome web browsers.



Once you have successfully logged in, you will see a Black Navigation strip on the left side of your screen. Press the 'Gear' icon, 4 icons down from the top. Once you see the 'Settings' Page, click on that.



You should be redirected to the Settings page, and in the column next to the black strip you should see a should see a 'Billing' tab. Click on that tab. 




In this 'Billing' screen you should be able to change you billing cycle, see when your next bill is due, and in the top right hand corner you should see 'Invoices.' Here you can access all your invoices.