We've listened to you and changed.

These are questions other people have asked us before, we share our answers. 


Why do you always try to simplify the design? 

There a many reasons why a simple design can be more effective than a complex one. Here are just two:

1. They are easier to understand. Extra decorative elements can distract the viewer from the main purpose of the design. Every successful design persuades it's audience to feel a certain way and unnecessary elements may confuse this feeling.

2. Simplifying things basically means you can reach a broader spectrum of audience and you are amplifying the meaning being conveyed. How? Because, the audience then uses its imagination to bridge in the gaps with their own views and backgrounds. The audience is forced to see beyond the realms of superficial and absorb the real meaning.

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Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.
— Leonardo Da Vinci

Why are the draft designs you created blurry when you print them? 

We downscale all our image for fast viewing. Don't fear, you will be supplied with high resolution (sharp) images upon the payment of your invoice. 


'I brought a marketing manager half way in and now my budget is blown'

It's important that we know all the information in the beginning as we make a lot of our choices based on the information you provide us. If you change your direction half way through, it's probably easier to delete the information and start again rather than try and modify what you have already. This is because we are more likely to miss information that we need to replace, when we work on a template it's clear to see which information is not our own.  Read more about how you can keep your costs

'I like to have a lot of control over every step of my design'

We over per hour charge of $110 for our senior graphic designers that is available for any of your services


'My website has been frozen because I was unable to find my invoice to pay for it' 

Both Killer Aesthetic and Squarespace store your invoices online so you can retrieve them whenever you please. If you do not pay your invoice within 30 days past the due date, your website will be frozen and it may take up to 48 hours to have it returned to you. Please contact Killer Aesthetic for information on how to get access to your invoices.