Choosing a ‘Profitable’ Start-Up Name

Let’s start with the most obvious:

1. Keep It Simple

One or two syllable words are crucial to coming up with a name that will stick in investors’ heads. “Nest”, a venture capital firm, is a good example of a catchy name that’s easy to say and pleasing to hear and, thus, also memorable.

The takeaway point: keep your business name as short as possible without being overly minimalistic or vague. The easier your name is to remember, the easier you will be too.


2. Keep It Practical

Careful though, placing too much emphasis on practicality can backfire on you.

For instance, Pocket started with “Read It Later” name. While this original name explicitly stated what the business does, i.e., allow users to store online articles to be read at a later time, the change to “Pocket” was arguably a better decision: it made the name less complicated and more applicable to a broader domain whilst still pointing toward what the company does.

3. Get the SEO Right

Getting your name right involves more than just speaking it and hearing it spoken aloud.