Creative AGENCY

Helping others identify, educate, develop & communicate visually.


Creative AGENCY

Helping others identify, educate, develop & communicate visually.


We can help you with all the creative aspects of starting a small business. Starting with creating your brand's identity, developing it through your print & web presence, and promoting it to your target audience in your brand's 'visual voice'. Our knowledge in a wide range of creative services from logo design, graphic design, web design, photography, photo editing to creating social media posts as well as 7 years experience allows us to produce designs that reflect your personality and truely connect with your target audience.


Most projects are completed in collaboration with other freelancers to give you a full spectrum of creative services.  Offering both products and services from creating & styling memorabilia books, invitation design to style based photography to workshops & challenges helping you embrace the most confident, stylish, organised, business savvy and reflective version of yourself. 

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Logo Design

for brands

A logo-less company is a faceless man, start creating your identity today.


Bundled Deals

for brands

A variety of bundled deals perfect for start-up businesses.



We outsource to our great team of Photographers, all specialising in different areas within photography so whatever your request, we have someone for you.


Graphic Design

for brands

Using our extensive knowledge of the design elements we create print & digital designs that aligns with your brand and speaks directly to your target audience.


Web Design

for brands

We design responsive websites that tie in with your existing branding and push your readers towards your intended call-of-action. 


Photo Editing

for you & for brands

Everything from a simple colour correction or reformat, to creating surrealistic fantasies. 


Layed Society

for you and for brands

Every styled image created by Layed Society is promoted on our Instagram at the completion of your project. 


The Classy Killer

for you

Volume One: Brand exposure for those with a 'Killer' street style.,

Volume Two: Expressing your style at work.


Invitation Design

for you

Let us take one stress out of planning a special event and let us create for you an invitation that screams style. 

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Don't worry we won't corner you with a sales pitch - let's just get to know each other. we want clients that truly want to work with us.

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Every design created by Killer Aesthetic & Layed Society is promoted on our Instagram at the completion of your project. Yay! Free promotion