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Learn & engage in projecting your brands image.


The Classy Killer 2.0

Dressed how you want to be addressed. A collection of streetwear inspired looks in Perth. Be part of the crew.


Exposed Killer

Diary of Nicole @killeraesthetic owner / @layedsociety co-owner showing appreciation to her favourite people, brands, art, style, designs & resources.

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Charged Per hour.

  •  Illustrator Basics
  • Photoshop Basics
  • Instagram Basics
  • Start-Up Creative Business Planning
  • 50 piece set up guide
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3 x Local Listings + Google Places

A small start to your SEO journey.


Building Awareness Bundle Set Up

Set up of your Facebook, Instagram and Google Place account, all completely set up for your and ready to connect with your audience. 

facebook setup

Facebook Page Set Up

Set up of Facebook Page includes:

  • The design of your banner.
  • Cropping of your logo to square.
  • Posting on one post.
  • Adding all company information. 
  • A FB cheat sheet to learn how to manage your account.

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Set Up + Tutoring

Social Media Account Set Up

'Facebook, Google and Instagram.'

Picture Grabs

'Instagram Feed Goals'

The Classy Killer

Casual Street

Brought to you by Jhanae, Jono & Nicole

Office meets Street

Bought to you by Killer Aesthetic

coming soon :)

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Exposed Killer

Look 01

'Life of business owner, Nicole Steinmetz'

Look 02

'Embracing the Brand'

coming soon :)

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