Stylist & Photographer Duo Creating visual stories not just pretty pictures.

Using a combination of flatlay styling, photography, graphic assassination and killer copywriting, Layed Society create a series of images to tell visual stories for brands, websites & books. By combining their styles, ideas and skills, Nicole & Lisa have created a platform of services that all elements of style and design.


An on-going collaboration with talented stylist & content creator.

Layed Society Services


9 from 1 image.

One huge flatlay image separated into nine images to tell a continuous story on your Instagram. 

Even though the initial image is broken up into 9, our flat lays are quite complex so every individual image will be interesting when viewed on its own.  Each image is supplied edited, square and with customised captions.


Website Content Creation

Layed Society website package provides content writing, image creation, web design, photography, photoediting and the connection of your social media accounts and domain name takes the stress out of creating your website. Using Squarespace as our web host, we are able to create a platform for you to easily develop as your business grows. 

Layed Society Instagram Grindhouse ECU Flatlay Killer

9 individual images. 

A variety of individual images to tell a lot of mini stories on Instagram. 

As our focus is on the overall look of your feed you will be supplied with a combination of complex and minimal images. Each image is supplied edited, square and with customised captions.



Scheduling via Grum

We can add scheduling for a small on-going charge which includes:

  •  Scheduling the post to your optimal posting time for your audience, as often as you please.
  • One change (ie if you have an event or holiday you want to announce; we will rearrange our already scheduled posts to fit the new one in and modify any captions if they were day specific)
  • Adding 30 hashtags to the comment instead of the description so they are hidden from your audience. 

Mixed Dimensions

Perfect for website designs needing images in different dimensions. A combination of 3 flatlays or scenes that are taken from multiple angles to make 12 final photos that all tie in with each other. 

Collaboration with Lisa J Burns Stylist


Past Work

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