Client: Receive Quote/Pricelist

Client: Approve Quote/Pricelist

Client: Receive Invoice and approve to commence job. Once you approve you are agreeing to Terms & Conditions listed on this page.

Client: Complete the 'logo design' form & attitudes & tone' form OR supply a sketch of what you were thinking to create

Designer: Up to 1.5 hour of research and idea development into competition and design concepts 

Designer: Up to 1.5 hour of sketching out ideas

Designer: Up to 3 hours designing and perfecting idea

Designer: Present 3 best initial concepts (0.5 hours)

Client: Picks favourite & suggests changes

Designer: 1 x change to chosen concept (20 minute changes, all changes must be listed in ONE email)

Client: Advises if they would like a change outside of these project terms (extra cost)

Client: Pays remaining amount on Invoice

Designer: After payment has been cleared. Provides final design in PDF & JPG format on dark and light background (Minimum 4 files)

Designer: Posts completed design onto our logo portfolio online & our Instagram account for extra exposure. If you would NOT like us to do this, please advise. 


what if?


If you are not happy with the design produced, please let us know after you receive the first 3 drafts. If you let us know then, you only need to pay for 50% of the total invoice. If you decide to go ahead and cancel at a later stage you will be charged the FULL invoice. If a project is cancelled by Killer Aesthetic, due to unforeseen circumstances, any costs  will be refunded in full to the client in a timely manner.


You want to print your logo yourself?  If you want to use a different graphic designer after the completion of this project or set it up yourself for print, we supply the logo to you in PDF form which you can use on any full colour print application.


You want a website design and /or printed promotional material

Please see the JPG supplied at the after the completion of this project for web use and the PDF for print use. If you would like us to create the website and/or printed designs for you, please enquire. These are two separate services so will be at extra cost. 

additional info:


Time Allowance - Please allow up to 72 business hours for changes. If you project is on a deadline we will fast track it but at an extra cost. 

Additional changes to your logo outside of the project terms are charged at $30 per 20 minute change. Please include all changes in ONE email as you will be charged per email.

Copyright - All designs are copyrighted to Killer Aesthetic until the invoice has been settled.

Project Terms - We base our concepts on information that you have supplied to us before creating the designs. If you decide after the designs have been created that you would like to change/cancel the project terms you will lose your deposit so please ensure that you have confirmed all information before agreeing. 

Quality Issues - You may be sent lower quality drafts for fast viewing and to protect our original designs. Please settle the invoice so we can release to you the high resolution versions.

Proofreading and retyping are not included in the quote. Please supply proofread text in an editable format. Through collaboration we can offer those services but at an extra cost. 


ways to reduce your bill

Confirmed company name - If you change your company name half way through we will be essentially creating two logos and therefore will have to charge you accordingly.

Action Plan - Having a clear idea what your company is about, who your customers are and how you are to reach them, what your goals are and what sets you apart all come together to form your brand identity. A great logo visualises all these attributes so knowing these before starting the design will help to get the best design cost effectively. If you want us to help create a quick plan, please enquire about our consulting services. 

Think about your customers & take your time when filling in all the forms -We can't read your mind so we have taken the time to create custom forms that allows us to get a very clear idea of what you are looking for so help us do this as efficiently as possible. 

If you already have an idea, show us your sketches instead of filling in all the forms

We can help you bring your sketches to life by making them digital. Even if it's a scribble on a napkin or just a brain dump of ideas, we can help you figure out your strongest ideas and give your three different directions to proceed.