Oscar Clean your room

“Oscar, clean your room”  stemmed from a single moment of parenting where I just couldn't throw away a tiny pair of happy pants that once wrapped my son’s chubby nappy covered butt because they took me back to a place that seemed so close to my vulnerable ‘new mum’ place. 

I could almost smell his baby smell because that memory is embedded in my heart and head forever. 

Holding those weeny little pants felt ridiculous because I really don't know why it seemed important that I couldn't get rid of those pants but…. I did realise it wasn't the actual pants I couldn't give away. It was the memory that came with them.  

I began laying out ALL my kids toys and memorabilia in flatlay form and the results were pretty amazing. If I could create a book that can be used over and over even as my babes grow then passed on again…..isn’t the value of that memory so much more? 

- Lisa, Co-Owner of Layed Society