We have a team of photographers, each with different strengths to handle the various photography requests. 

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Nicole's skill set is tailored to product and studio lit portrait photography. 



Brendan's skill set is tailored to on-location jobs.

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  • Free Consultation, let meet up in person so we can get a clear idea of what you're looking for
  • Please pay 50% deposit to commence the job. 
  • We will shoot and upload the images to Dropbox
  • We will delete out the blurry images, otherwise the choice of your favourites is up to you
  • We can do a basic or detailled editing of your images depending your budget 
  • We will upload the finals to Dropbox
  • If you have requested prints, we will organise the printing and meet up again to give you the printed copies. We may charge a small fee for organising printing, discuss this with us at the commencement of your job.