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You will be rewarded 10% of your referral's first purchase with us, for example, If your referral spends $1,000 in their first transcation, you will receive a $100 voucher when they settle their invoice. You may use this voucher for Killer Aesthetic, Layed Society or Killer Culture services or redeem it for cold hard cash.

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Please read the below terms & conditions.

Terms & Conditions

  • Your Reward is redeemable through services by Killer Aesthetic or The Classy Killer.

  • You may redeem your reward before your referral pays however if your referral doesn't complete their transaction within the time frame stated in your membership level (below), you will have to pay back the reward amount you had redeemed in cash or via a bank desposit.

  • Your reward is valid for 365 days from date your referral pays their invoice.
  • Your reward is only applicable to your referral's first transaction with us therefore only applicable to NEW customers. 
  • Any amount your referee pays to suppliers ie. printers are NOT included. Only amounts paid to Killer Aesthetic or The Classy Killer count towards your reward.


It's best to advise your referral to make all their purchases within a single deposit as your reward is only applicable to their first purchase.

The 'Print Package' offered by Killer Aesthetic is mostly paid to suppliers so it's not the best option for redeeming rewards.

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