Comprehensive Logo design 

(3 completely separate concepts, chose your favourite and suggest up to two changes to your chosen design. Please include each change within one email)

Final Comprehensive Logo design is supplied in at least 7 different files for all future applications:

  1. logo against white background in square .jpg format (for social media)
  2. logo against dark background in square .jpg format (for social media) 
  3. Logo against white b/g, cropped to edges .jpg format (for web use) 
  4. Logo against dark b/g, cropped to edges .jpg format (for web use) 
  5. Logo against white b/g, in .pdf (for print)
  6. Logo against dark b/g, in .pdf (for print)
  7. logo against transparent b/g cropped to edge (for use on photos)
  8. possibly also supplied in one-colour, if applicable.


Website Design

Includes 4 page design, creation of template, connecting of social media accounts, domain name and scheduling program.  As well as complimentary training session so you can manage small changes to your site in the future. Please see below link for more details. 

We will make unlimited changes to any requests we haven't fulfilled outlined BEFORE the design process commences otherwise 1-2 hour of changes are included to make other changes. We are also more than happy to edit your images or provide copy-writing services at an extra fee. 

Please note: web-hosting + domain name costs are additional and paid straight to the supplier. Please supply edited web-ready photos + your final version of the text before design process commences.


Business Card

Presented with 3 options, choose your favourite design, up to two changes are included. Final design is prepared for print/future reprints.

Additional staff member cards are extra.


Email Signature

1 x Flat Design: Presented with 3 options, chose your favourite design, and you may make 2 changes to it.

Multiple Employees: Presented with One Option created for 3 employees with no changes or two employees with one change. 

Animated Design: One Option, Animated into a GIF, budgeted for GIF made of up to 15 images. Additional changes, options or images to make up the animation is extra.


Printing of 250 business cards (one design)

Gloss/matte laminate. full colour printing. 350gsm paper stock. Amount is paid straight to the printers. 

OR Though an alternate printer you can print multiple designs but are restricted to a quantity of 50 cards in total.

- $94


Because Who doesn't love a good deal?!

= $1,000

Start up bundle price