thy love story.

Lo and behold, there’s a method to this madness.


In the name of process, and of business, and of design.

Preface: Before we delve into this, *big hug* for starting the rite of passage with us, we throughly enjoyed igniting this passion-filled journey with Perth’s next soon-to-be-millionaire.

  1. When our eyes first locked, we could already can tell you not only have impeccable taste but you have brains as well as beauty. That’s why you also gave us not only your verbal but also written content to commence our [business] relationship together. You also opted for best valued service, our Full Start-Up Package.

  2. Your commitment to the start-up package allowed us to spend an unforgettable 120 minutes together to fill in firstly the Form Central and followed by the Sacred Start-Up Bible, hand in hand, In the case that you chose your own adventure and purchased a singular service from us, our time was lamentably limited to 30 minutes meaning we didn’t make it to second base. Either way, every moment with you was precious to us.

  3. After meeting, we unfortunately had to part ways but unlike that person you met on Tinder who seemed so promising but is now ghosting you, we messaged you straight after with a brief transcript of our heartfelt discussions.

  4. Thank you kindly again for reading each word so carefully and informing us of any changes before you stored it under your pillow. That text you sent us that read ‘I do, I approve’ surrounded by love heart emojis was pretty cute too.

  5. It was only natural to progress to the next step, so took your hand and what our mum says. We don’t just make things pretty. It took a lot of googling, pinterest-ing, online stalking of your competition and some less-exciting stats -based/SWOT research, to be able to ensure that your design is aligned within your industry while still standing out from your competitors.

  6. Confused by our part-asian genes (this we thank you for this, mum) you thought we were in our mid-twenties. After the blushing subsided, we showed you our pen and notebook containing all the marvellous draft ideas from which you were surprised that we’re not only more talented but are also closer to thirty than you first expected.

holy matri-money.

‘coz it’s sometimes all about those dolla dolla bills y’all.’

1. If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.

Take the time to read through our estimate/invoice and ensure everything is honky-dory.

2. We’re still amateur mind-readers.

Telepathy is a difficult skill to master, so in the meantime please verbalise everything about your business and your target audience. The more we understand about your brand the better we can create design elements that your customers can connect with. 

3. Sharing is caring but timing is golden.

If you are hiring or have an internal marketing manager, make sure you bring them on at before commencing the project. We think it’s very important to get multiple points of view and opinions from your neighbour and his dog, but the more changes you require the more costly your project will become. If you’re confused on which direction to go - create an online poll or just ask the designer. Believe it or not, they may know a thing or two about branding.

5. Limit the changes.

The back and forth isn’t good for anyone, unless you’re playing tennis. If you follow the above steps, we most likely will be able to produce a design for you that falls within the original guidelines. If you want to have full control over the project and direct us through every step, we suggest hiring us on a  per hour basis. We can bring our bean bag to your office and work with you one-on-one to ensure you produce what you require as efficiently as possible. 


you see the changes. you wake up in the morning and tell yourself:
"this life worth living, god, I love myself."

What do we define a change as, you may ask? Well, sh*t, we’ll tell you…

A change is any modification made to the initial drafts provided by Killer Aesthetic. To be only charged once, all modifications must be listed in one email/message and able to be completed within 1 hour. Extra changes are charged at $30. We can also list all your changes on your final invoice in case you need to reminder on how we slaved ourselves creating perfection.


y u not stay?

we hate goodbyes, but sometimes life’s disappointing.

If you are not happy with the design produced for the very first feedback, you are not obliged to pay the full fee for the time taken to complete the initial design and will only face a $50 cancellation fee. Once you make changes to your chosen design(s) however, you will be agreeing that you would like to proceed and any cancellation mid-project will be charged at a per hour basis. If you do decide to terminate the project, the designs will remain property of Killer Aesthetic so you can’t do the sneaky and get it done in India for half the price. We understand, funds can be tight, but living in Perth’s expensive and we’ve gotta eat too - so enquire about our payments plans and let’s make this a win-win situation for us all.


Pastoral Confidentiality.


Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us. Everyone that we told, swore that they wouldn't tell anyone.

Just joking - we take your privacy very seriously. We do like to brag about you through so please inform the designer in writing before the project commences if any material or information provided  is confidential.


last bit of this formal thang and then we can have fun, I promise.

art in the eye of the beholder.

Graphic design, web design, photography and web design are all highly creative and subjective art forms. As such, we take every possible care with professional advice offered and any suggested creative concepts and/or their implementation, however, the KA cannot be held responsible for variations between expectation and outcome.

enter at your own risk; we don’t even know what we did last Saturday night.

All information contained in this website is intended for general information purposes only. We try our very hardest to keep the information up-to-date, humorous, easy-to-consume and correct, however, we make no warranties of any kind concerning the accuracy, completeness, suitability, reliability, or availability of the information contained in this website. Killer Aesthetic will not be held liable for any loss or damage, or loss of data from your use of this website, in connection with this website or porn site that you have open in the other tab.