1. Killer Aesthetic's DESIGN + SIMPLE SEO

you have content you would like to use and you need a little SEO help


add this onto the design + simple SEO package so make the whole process a breeze.

What the Design & SEO package includes:

  • Free one hour consultation to get to know you, your business and the job specifications
  • 30 minute training on Squarespace so you can easily make small changes on your site, upload new content, check your site's metrics and add blog posts. 
  • Simple SEO - Renaming of every single image on your website supplied to us at the commencement of the job.
  • Google Description & Keywords: We can insert the Google description into every page so that they can be indexed by Google.
  • Customising of a template: Create a responsive site that
    • Looks visually amazing on a desktop/laptop computer.
    • Looks neat and tidy and load quickly on a mobile device.
  • Linking of your social media accounts 
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • Foursquare
    • Pinterest
    • Dribble
  • Design of 4 pages customisable to your business request. 
  • Uploading of your logo
  • Creation of Contact form  that links back to your email address. We can connect Mailchimp so everyone who gets in contact will automatically be added to your mailing lists. We can also connect Google Drive so that you have an excel format document that is automatically updated of who is contacting you. 
  • Uploading of images we can upload up to 25 photos onto your whole website. Any additional photos will be charged an upload fee for the extra time.
  • Uploading of one product we can set up one product for you as well as connect Apple Pay, Paypal and Stripe making the purchasing process seamless. 
    • Uploading of one video onto any page of your site (extra videos charged at $5 per upload which includes a click through to your youtube page to increase video likes and shares.)
    • Connecting of your domain name - When you purchase your Squarespace plan annually, you receive a domain name. This domain name will be free for your first year and cost around US$20 per year after.
    • Creation of a newsletter sign-up form which links to your existing Mailchimp account and records new sign-ups in an excel document on your google drive. Extra charges apply to set up a mail chimp account for you. 
    • One hour worth of changes - Once we have delivered what you had requested in the intial meeting, you have one hour of changes that you would like to make to the design of your site. Please see 'How to reduce your bill' below on tips how to keep your bill to a minimum.  Please include your changes in maximum three emails. 
    • Image Optimisation - We can edit up to 3 of your supplied images to a web ready format.  If your files are too big, your website will take too long to load. If your files are too small (under 400 pixel) they will reduce the perceived quality of your services/products.
    • Social Media Promotion -  We will promote your website when it's launched onto our @killeraesthetic Instagram account. 
    • Website Promotion - We will post your website design on our portfolio page. We will link it to your site so that our customers can click through and find out more about you. 
    • Payment Options Connecting - We will connect your Paypal, Stripe and Apple Pay account to your website. 

    What the Design & SEO package doesn't include / terms & conditions:

    • Working on Squarespace - We only work on Squarespace. Squarespace works a lot like Apple. They don't give you as much flexibility compared to the competition but because of the limitations there's less room for error and a lot of pre-thought has been put into the designs to bring you only the best and the most thought-out designs. 
    • Copywriting/Proof reading of your text -If you require copywriting services, please see our Layed Society $499 styling & content writing add-on package. Please supply us with the text and images for your site in editable formats. Please ensure you have double checked the spelling and grammar of the text BEFORE you supply us. Please note we start the design process after a minimum of 85% of the content has been supplied.
    • Photography/Optimisation of images - If you are unsure whether your files are web ready, please provide them to us before commencing the job so we can include any extra costs in your quote. We hate hidden costs, we love to be upfront with how much this will cost you - no surprises. If you need images please see our Layed Society services or enquire within. 
    • Website Hosting - We design your website, but we do not host your website, Squarespace does. We can help you decide which of their packages work best for your business. Hosting starts as low as $12 per month (please note that their prices are displayed in US dollars.) These amounts are paid straight to Squarespace and you are responsible for ensuring that these payments are made on time.  Please note you have to pay Squarespace for web hosting in order for us to connect your domain name, payment options and social media accounts. Please note you have to pay Squarespace for web hosting
    • Extra Changes: We include an hour worth of changes to the original design. Any changes outside of that are classified as 'extra changes' and will be charged at our hourly rate.
    • Extra Online Forms - Additional forms can be created for $10 - $15 each dependant on the length. 
    • Set-up & Purchase of email addresses - We charge only $5 to set up your customised email for you. You will also need to pay Google US$5 per month for using their services. This amount is paid straight to Google will be direct debited from the account you have connected your Squarespace account to. 
    • Additional web pages, blogs or product uploads - Price is dependent on the complexity and the time taken to complete the job but on average:
      • Simple blog pages - $10
      • Simple web pages - $30
      • Product Uploading - $10
    • Coding or External Application Integration  - we only work within Squarespace capabilities. Let us know what's important to you at our first free consultation so that you give you advice whether this platform is best for you. 
    • Xero Integration - You can manually export information in an Excel Format whenever you please but Squarespace does NOT support Xero Integration in Australia.
    • Retying - Please provide the text in an editable format so we can copy and paste it. Word, TextEdit or Pages format is preferred. Also please include headings in bold so we clearly know which text goes where. 
    • SEO & First Page of Google - If you would like to be on the first page of Google you will need an SEO expert. 

    How to reduce your bill


    Be clear of your needs from the beginning - During your one-hour free consultation please be very clear of what you need the website to do for you. We create a quote and give you advice based on the information that you provide. Once you go ahead with the quote we assume you have let us know about all the things that are vital to your design.

    Marketing Manager - Include your marketing manager at the very beginning of this process. You receive one hour included change to your website so ensure that is used for design changes rather than correcting information that you have supplied to us. 

    Supply text already edited - Don't send drafts, send the final copy so you don't need to pay us to make changes on your own text. 

    Less Emails, More Time - Please group your changes into one email if possible for the maximum use of your time. 

    Client Checklist


    1. All the images for the website saved in the high-resolution JPG/PNG or preferably web optimised images. We suggest sending us this file via Dropbox in case it's too big to send over email.

    2. All the text for the website in a word or papers document. Please also provide under bold headings/subheadings so we know where to place your information.

    3. If you bought your domain name through Squarespace, please skip this step. If not, please provide information about your purchased domain name (log in details and password) If you have no purchased this yet, please hold off and we will do this for you as you will have a free domain name included in your Squarespace plan if you purchase their yearly payment plan.

    4. We will set your website up using Squarespace trial account, but you will have to pay for the upgrade in order for us to connect your domain name, payment options and social media accounts. Please supply the preferred email address you would like the website to connect to. We will also start the Squarespace account under the same email address. 

    5. If we designed your logo for you, please skip this step. Otherwise please supply a high resolution version of your logo.

    6. The URL of any videos or audio you would like to upload onto the site. Again, we also have Dropbox, if there too much content to send over in one email.  

    7. If you are creating a shop we will need, product pictures, descriptions, normal prices, sale prices, dimensions of your product, weight as well as your Stripe, Paypal and Apple Pay log in details.

    8. Lastly we need your social media account(s) log in details so we can connect them to your website.