The Creative Life

Fluent in communicating visually, expressing your personality and determined to improve through the use of design.


The Creative Life

Fluent in communicating visually, expressing your personality and determined to improve through the use of design.



We can help you with all the creative aspects of starting a small business. Starting with creating your brand's identity, developing it through your print & web presence, and promoting it to your target audience in your brand's 'visual voice'. Our knowledge in a wide range of creative services from logo design, graphic design, web design, photography, photo editing to creating social media posts as well as 7 years experience allows us to produce designs that reflect your personality and truely connect with your target audience.

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Logo Design

Specialists in expressing a brands personality through design. 

Graphic Design

Using our extensive knowledge of the design elements we create print & digital designs that aligns with your brand and speaks directly to your target audience.

Web Design

We create responsive websites that tie in with your existing branding and push your readers towards your intended call-of-action. 

Photo Editing

Everything from a simple colour correction or reformat, to creating surrealistic fantasies. 


We collaborating with others to offer photography specialist for any request.

Killer Aesthetic Instagram

Every design created by Killer Aesthetic is promoted on our Instagram at the completion of your project.

Layed Society

For those  who want to promote their brand using original tailored content.



WE HELP YOU DEVELOP, express & embrace the BEst version of YOUrself.

We collaborate with specialists to help you develop, express and embrace the most confident, stylish, adventurous, and emotionally version of yourself.  We use our design background to approach all our teachings and challenges in a creative out-of-the-box manner to ensure the journey is unique, enjoyable, and effective.

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We Are Killing It

Exploring motivation, improving fitness and increasing your sense of adventure expressed in a 'killer' way.

- launching July 2017 -

Exposed Killer

Exposing the life of Nicole Steinmetz through killer tales of honesty. A behind the scenes view of running a business, increasing self- confidence, practicing mindfulness, learning about emotional intelligence and finding happiness.  


The Classy Killer

Brand exposure for those with a 'Killer' street style, who are fearless in expressing their individuality.

Killer Culture

Selling the killer products you need to better express your individuality. 

- launching Jan 2018 -

Layed Society

Let us help you create a hard copy record of your memories, moments in time and special events to reminisce about forever and share them with your loved one. Start creating the library of your life today.


Give a personalised keepsake to all your friends and family that screams you. 

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